Welcome to FM 100.6 Radio Viascity

Proprietor’s Vision and Message: Radio Viascity 100.6 FM, is a community base radio station that strives to serve listeners by offering a variety of content that is not necessarily provided by the large commercial and government owned radio stations. Our Community radio serves to carry news and information programmes geared towards the locals, particularly minority groups that are poorly served by the majority media outlets. More specialized musical shows are also often featured in our radio station. Radio Viascity serves as a valuable asset to our community and gives hundreds, perhaps thousands, the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard in a public forum.

Our main objective is to address critical, social issues at community level, such as poverty & social exclusions, empowerment of marginalized rural groups and involving the voice of the voiceless in the democratic process- these relate to decision making and ongoing development efforts in our country. We intend to use Radio Viascity to play a pivotal role in decision making at both local and national level in the development process of Sierra Leone. Radio Viascity opens the arena of rights to information for the rural people of Sierra Leone, without the initiatives of the community radio station, the voice of the voiceless will remain unheard; the people will be misinformed and they will be inactive participants to the democratic process of the country which is dominated by commercial and government media.

The station provides diverse programs that reflect the needs and interests of the community including music by both new and old local talents, music genres, not generally broadcasted by commercial and government owned radio stations. If you’re interested in our media print you can visit it over at TheBestFreeTrials. We air out educative and informative programmes which would benefit and involve every age group, gender, and socio-economic sector in the community. These include programmes such as: CHILDREN’s CORNER: This is a 1 hour variety show that helps to educate parents and children about health education; children’s rights; issues of morality; child labour; traditional values; the importance of education; comedy; quizzes and talent exposure. These programmes are presented by children of various age.

AGRICULTURE CORNER: A 45 minutes discussion programme, where Farmers, Government representatives and donor agencies in this sector are invited to discuss issues on the importance and development of self sustainability, advantages and disadvantage of home grown manures compared to foreign fertilizers, more governmental involvement and emphasis on agriculture, the role of donors agencies in this area, how we can adopt new and foreign crops to add our local food varieties and more development and machinery in the area of animal husbandry.

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